Introducing the Voom Go 1

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Go 1 Series sonic toothbrush – you’ve got to feel the VOOM!

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Feel the VOOM!

Voom sonic is a brand created for those that are passionate about oral hygiene. Our product designers work with the best suppliers in the world to bring you a truly phenomenal toothbrush.

From custom designed DuPont bristles to a snap on cap, we’ve put everything you need into this compact but advanced toothbrush.

My family has had the set for almost two years. I have only had to change the batteries once. They work well and I now am purchasing a replacement set of brush heads. I hope the Q continues to carry this brand, far superior to any other I have used.

These are very nice to keep in your purse or at work. I love these portable Sonics. Bought two sets of three. Kept a couple for myself and made stocking stuffers out of the rest.

Loved So Much Bought Another Set. Purchased a set of these about a year ago or so as gifts for my boys and they use as an everyday toothbrush they are so sturdy and do the job!  I purchased this set and keep them as extras for when my boys come to stay with me and  forget their brushes.  These actually have 2 settings and the timer which is nice.  Since I’ve been using an electric toothbrush my dentist appointments have been more successful too!  Love pop sonic, easy battery change when needed, taking one on my trips I have coming up.

Even having my 11-year old daughter using it and brushing her teeth more often. 

They will come in handy when traveling.